Hey, I'm Robyn

Robyn Taaffe Bsc Nursing, Dip Nt.

I’m the founder of Insight Wellness. I’m a Nurse, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and  Spiritual teacher. I also opened one of the first Nurse-led Lifestyle Medicine Clinics in Ireland.

I created this website for you. A space devoted to sharing tools, knowledge and resources to help you with your health physically, mentally and spiritually.


I grew up with a hereditary heart condition that is affected by my lifestyle. My health was going in a very different direction a few years ago, and I wanted to improve it. This teamed with working as a Nurse sparked my passion and a deep interest in learning about all areas of our health.


Spirituality transformed my health and my happiness. This may sound dramatic to some, but it really did change my life. I incorporate it every day with my own health, and my work as a GP nurse with my patients. I want to use this space to teach you all about it and share everything I've learned.  

Insight Wellness is an evidence-based space. ​We share the things that work. Education is important and you should have the information to look after your health if you want to. 

I’ve nursed babies, the elderly and those in between. I found my passion. If I can help one person by sharing the content here and during our events or speaking appearances, then I'm really happy.

What Next?

Take a look at our content. Insight Weekly is where you can find regular pieces on many areas of your health.

Our Stress Management Space has guided meditations for you to relax and unwind.

Our Insight Weekly Letter has new insights every week, so don’t forget to subscribe. You’ll also receive our Nutrition Insights Ebook for free that is filled with tools and guidance on what you need to know about your Nutrition, creating meals, types of food and your relationship with food.

Every week we release a new podcast episode. They're packed with information, tools and personal experiences to inspire you. Great for on your commute to work or on a walk.

We run events with leaders in the field of health and wellness, so keep an eye for anything coming up. We would love to meet you.

We also have a healthcare professional space. This space was created to provide healthcare professionals such as Nurses with the knowledge for themselves and their patients. Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine is not something taught in Nursing degrees around the country. Check out our Nutrition foundations for Nurses and Midwives Course supported by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

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