• Robyn Taaffe

3 Reasons To Meditate

One of my closest friends emailed me to ask about meditation. I'm sharing my answer with some additions with you here.

I meditate every day because it helps me show up and be present. I remember at the start, I thought it was so wacky and I just didn’t get it at all.

Remember a few years ago when my health was in a crappy place? We were out every single weekend and my Lifestyle was so destructive. I really didn't care or like myself much.

Then, when the whole pacemaker suggestion came up, I honestly think it was the Universe telling me to get my act together. I had started reading books from Gabby B, Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks. I was so intrigued, like you are now.

I knew there was a void that had to be filled and I just always felt like there was something missing. I started meditating at the same time because they all recommended it. They said it would help me manifest what I wanted, so I was sold :).

When you meditate, you’re present. You find stillness and time away from your thoughts. What I didn’t see happening was the compassion I was finding for myself. The compassion then made me start caring about my body. It was like a gentle way to bring me towards changing my lifestyle. I actually started appreciating my life. That changed everything.

Now that I look back, I can see that it was the making of my lifestyle change. If I didn’t develop that compassion, I would’ve never made any changes to my lifestyle.

Okay so here’s the 3 reasons you should meditate:

1. Stress Management:

It’s your third 13 hour shift in a row. There’s bells ringing everywhere, you’ve 3 IV’s to do and an admission before the shift ends and haven’t even started your notes. You can literally feel the stress in your chest.

Dealing with stressful situations like this becomes way more manageable when you’re meditating regularly. It helps you focus on the present moment taking on one task at a time. It improves your focus and shifts your nervous system into a relaxed state. I know some days it's hard to find the time, but if you can get 5-10 minutes in before your shift starts it’s so worth it.

(Also, deep breathing at any time of the day is helpful. I used to sneak off to the treatment room if I needed two minutes and just breathe).

2. Improves your relationships

Developing compassion for others can really help change the energy in your relationships with your partner, family members and friends.

Quarantine 2020 is such a test for our relationships. Spending 24/7 with the same people can be so overwhelming. Meditation can improve your communication, increase the amount of patience you have with others and help you become less triggered. I found this with patients too. I am so much more patient and present in conversations since I started meditating.

A few patients have even commented that they feel like i'm really listening and care when we're chatting - such a lovely compliment. Again, I put this down to meditating, being present and how it helped me be compassionate.

3. My favourite reason

Meditation helps me hear my intuition loud and clear. It’s really cool and I know I’m listening to my inner voice, rather than my fear voice.

I’m so much more creative too. When I feel unsure and need clarity, it's how I get answers. The feeling of stillness and connection is so enjoyable and I can’t wait for you to try it. I know you believe in a greater power, and meditation is the way to connect to it. It’s where the magic happens.

Download the Insight timer app and try one of their free meditations. They have sections like Stress, Anxiety, Sleep. Let us know which one you try in the comments or over in instagram

Robyn X

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