• Robyn Taaffe

5 Rituals to Live a more Meaningful and Fulfilled Life

Updated: Jun 12

Spirituality helps you find a purpose in life and connect to an energy way bigger than you. Making space for that connection every day positively affects your life in ways you can't even imagine. A Spiritual practice is a part of our daily routine and always will be.

Why? It:

  • Provides clarity during your demanding days

  • Lifts your mood

  • Helps you feel grounded through change

  • Helps you see your life differently

  • Helps you improve your relationship with yourself

  • Connects you to your inner self and your intuition

  • Creates positive momentum around things you want to create in your life

1. Choose a time for your Practice:

We love the mornings. They say the first 30 minutes of your day dictates how the rest of your day will go. We find spending those few minutes tuning in and finding stillness creates positive momentum around the day.

If mornings don't suit you, don't worry. Any time works, but we do suggest picking a time to stick to. If you have a diary, schedule it in

2. Start Meditating:

There are tons of Meditations available. Find one that you like and incorporate them into your practice. If you haven't meditated before, try 5 minutes. You can build on it each week.

Once you begin to notice the impact it has on the flow of your day, it'll be easier to stick to.

Meditation helps you hear your intuition, get clarity on decisions and creates relaxation throughout your body and mind.

You can check out our guided meditations here. Alternatively, Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer have tons available. You can choose one based on how you're feeling each day.

Alternatively, try this simple breathing practice to align yourself when you wake up. Your breath can activate the relaxing part of your nervous system and benefit your health.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet

  • Breathe naturally, gently following your breath in and out

  • When you begin feel more relaxed, begin to count using this rhythm

  • 2 seconds as you inhale, hold for 4 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds

  • Repeat this timing for 8-10 cycles

3. Journal:

Keeping a journal is a beautiful way to tune into your thoughts and inner voice. It helps you become aware of your emotions, worries and stresses. Check out this article on journaling prompts to help get you writing.

Every morning, Robyn answers these 3 questions:

  1. How am I Today?

  2. What do I need today?

  3. What do I want to give today?

Then, she follows it with a list of 3 things she's grateful for. Cultivating gratitude and checking in with yourself before the day begins is a valuable tool for your health and well-being. Gratitude has been shown to improve relationships, increase empathy, sleep and self-esteem. Having an attitude of gratitude will improve your mental and physical health.

4. Learning:

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Reading or listening to an audiobook strengthens your connection and helps you get moving along the path to living a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Open yourself up to reading and you'll begin to find teachers that resonate with you.

Here's 3 suggestions:

Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention

Louise Hay: The Power is Within You

Judith McAdam: The Source

5. Affirmations and Prayer

Affirming to yourself what you would like to happen is an amazing way to begin creating your desires.

'For those of you who aren’t familiar with the benefits of positive affirmations, I’d like to explain a little about them. An affirmation is really anything you say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences for us.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.”

Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought'. - Louise Hay

What Next?

Grab your diary, journal or the notes on your phone right now. Write down when you could fit 10-15 minutes each day for your practice. Treat yourself to a new book and have a browse through some meditations. Start now and pay attention to your life.

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