• Robyn Taaffe

How to Start Your Day in a Relaxed Way

Updated: May 20

On Sunday morning, I sat down with my oat milk latte to start my new book – Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I try to keep Sundays phone free and use them to recharge before a new week. As I went to put my phone away, my screen time summary popped up for the week - 7.5 hours average daily screen time. I actually gasped. I had spent the equivalent of an entire work day on my phone.

Last week, I also felt more anxious than usual, uninspired and honestly, just Meh. Every morning i'd grab my phone and scroll through instagram. Before I even looked at my day, my head was filled with what was going on in other peoples lives.

This week, I set an intention to stay away from social media until 11am. I wanted to really focus on my Morning Routine because I know it sets me up for the day. I always feel more creative, more relaxed and in a better headspace when I do.

It made such a difference to my day that it inspired this post. I’ve put together 5 practices you could add to your morning that can help shape your entire day. You don't have to try them all, but hopefully some will resonate and work for you.

Phone-free Space

Spending a morning without your phone is important. You need time to focus on your day before your mind is filled with what others are doing. Social media (while I love it), is a highlight reel. Most of the time, it only shows the good things happening in peoples lives. If you start the day comparing your life to others, it can be hard to get out of that funk.

Try setting a time that you stay off socials until everyday. Even if it's for 30-60 minutes after you wake. If your job requires you to have your phone on, try deleting Instagram or Facebook until later in the day. Try it for a week and reflect on the difference it makes.

Belly Breathing or Meditation

You have a big nerve in your body called The Vagus Nerve.When it's stimulated, it activates a relaxation response in your body. This means your nervous system is in a relaxed state. Belly breathing activates this response.

Try taking two minutes to sit in silence, place your hand on your belly and fill it with air. Deliberately focus on your breath going in and out. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath and notice your hand rise and fall with each inhale.

You can read more about belly breathing here. It really has the power to change how your body functions, improve your sleep and how you respond when stressful things happen during your day.


Setting your intentions for the day is a beautiful way to start off on the right track. I love to right down some goals and a small gratitude list. It helps me start the day with an attitude of gratitude, focusing on what I have instead of what I don't. Check out this article for some Journaling prompts.

Plan your day

Get a diary and write down the tasks you want to tick off. There is something so satisfying about ticking things off a list. Try to make a little time for something you enjoy. A workout class, meditation, call with a friend or a few pages of your book. We're responsible for our own happiness, so it's important to find time for the things that you enjoy everyday.


I love to start the day with breakfast. When I’m deciding what to eat, I’ll try to get some protein, carbs and fats onto the plate. This morning, I had some veggies sausages, poached eggs and brown toast, I loved it and it meant I had energy to focus and get some things done.

If you want some tips on balancing meals, the Nutrition Insights Ebook is filled with them. You would of received a copy from us in your emails. If you're not a morning eater, that's cool too. When you do eat, put yourself together a balanced meal.

Let us know your favourite morning habits in the comments below. We really love to hear from you x

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