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Your Health is Integrated - Living Wholistic

Updated: Jun 26

Your health has lots of parts and looking at it as a whole and the amazing system it is, is the start of really achieving health and wellness.

Working as a practice nurse, I notice with many patients that their prescriptions while so valuable and a vital part of their treatment, sometimes can just put a plaster over a symptom instead of treating the cause. When we look at the body in separate pieces, we miss out on the amazing benefits we can get when we treat it as a whole. Our physical, mental and spiritual health are interconnected. Check out these stories:

Sally's Stress Manifesting Physically

Sally has high blood pressure, a relatively new symptom for her. She goes to her doctor and is prescribed a medication to lower it. Sally has no underlying health conditions. Her job has been causing her to feel an increasing amount of stress and she's struggling to cope with it.

Her sleep is affected and she's always worried about what needs to be done next. Her medication does an excellent job at managing her high blood pressure, but the root of why it increased and why Sally feels so stressed is the same.

You can see Sally’s physical symptom presents as high blood pressure. If we look at her body as separate systems, the medication treats the physical symptom really well and brings her blood pressure down, which is great.

The issue is, when we look at her body as a whole, her mental and emotional health are really being affected. Her stress levels remain the same and eventually, may manifest as other physical symptoms. To really improve her health and support her body as a whole, we have to look at the cause and support her emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Becky’s dieting is masking a deeper issue

Becky has spent a lot of her early 20’s dieting and being conscious of her health, especially her weight and physical health. She stays active and eats well, but deep down never really feels OK in herself. She diets and her body changes, but she still feels the need to do more. A few years later, she really starts to notice how unhappy she is with her body and how much she relies on dieting as a form of control.

Although Becky eats well, exercises and her measurements are within what's defined as healthy in western medicine, on a deeper level her relationship with herself and her body needs some support. Her physical health for the moment is fine, but she needs to support herself emotionally and spiritually in order to get to the root of why she feels this way.

(The above are made up name and scenarios based on a variety of patient and personal experiences)

A task for you

Start to look at your health physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Your body is an amazing system. Let's start to treat it that way. I want you to get into the habit of supporting yourself in all areas.

Sit down with a journal or the notes on your phone and answer these questions

What do I do to take care of my physical health? Do I get enough sleep? Eat well? Drink water?

How do I look care of my mental health? Do I tune into how i'm feeling regularly?

Emotional health? Am I aware of my emotions? How do I manage my stress?

Spiritual health? Do I have a creative outlet? Do I feel a sense of connection?

Social health? Do I surround myself with people who support and love me.

If one area has no answer, nows the time give it your attention. What can you add into your life to support it? Look through our articles for some ideas and let us know how you get on via Instagram or pop us an email

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